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Custom hairpiece base materials

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Custom hairpiece base materials


Hairpieces are by far one of the most popular methods of hair replacement, and the cost and appearance of hairpieces are largely dependent on the level of craftsmanship involved and the materials used in their creation.

The foundation of prostheses is known as the hairpiece base, and the hair is either injected or tied on it to create the complete hairpiece. The primary materials used for making the bases are polymers & meshes. A combination of the two is also used. The bases can be categorized as follows on the basis of the material:-


1. Lace Bases

Laces create an appearance as though hair is actually growing out from your scalp. It comes in neutral shades of woven material which when placed against your skin, seems to disappear.

French Lace: Also known as #64 Lace, the French Lace is Numero Uno choice for the new wearers. It is popular for its durability and invisibility against the skin.

Extra-fine Swiss Lace: More invisible than the French Lace, the Swiss Lace is also more delicate, but it requires more care as well. If you want an undetectable hairline, pick it right away!

2. Monofilament

Monofilament is stiffer than lace bases and is known for holding its shape pretty well. It poses a good choice for higher density systems. The major con of using it is that you cannot use Mono for an exposed hairline; this can be overcome by adding a lace front onto the Mono base.

3. Thin Skin Bases

Also known as a ‘Dermal Graft’ or a ‘Non-surgical hair graft’, it is invisible and virtually undetectable. It feels extremely secure on attaching and seems like it has vacuum-sealed itself according to your scalp.


You can customize your hairpiece by incorporating your individual choice for the combination of the above materials, but otherwise, an all one piece of base material is recommended.

You can order your hairpiece from Cindycut- Elite Custom Hair Systems by choosing from the wide variety of bases, or you can have a customized hairpiece base. For more information on the base designs and stock toupees, see now Bases

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  • My hair replacement system arrived about a week ago. I had a hair dresser cut it in and now I have a realistic looking full head of hair. I am thrilled! When I ordered I had the pleasure to talk to Cindy herself. She walked me through the entire process and answers to my questions. I'm sorry to have taken so much time from Cindy but I never felt that she needed to off the phone until all my questions were answered. It was an informative and pleasurable half hour lol. The best thing about using Cindycut is that I don't have join a club. The company does have special rates for standing orders without a contract.
    2/4/2016 8:57:35 AM Reply
  • Before reading through this article, I was not really aware of the materials that are used to make these. I appreciate the detailed information that you give us! Thanks so much for what you do in this field!
    7/6/2015 11:10:22 PM Reply
  • I first got a premade lace wig from Cindycut. I love the beautiful remy human hair and quality of work. Now i want to go more custom on color and clips attached to the base material, and I'm excited to see my next custom hairpiece made how I want it.
    5/12/2015 7:16:05 AM Reply

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