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Custom fit hairpieces

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Custom fit hairpieces

The advantages of going for custom fit hairpieces and avoiding surgical replacement methods altogether are many. Statistically it has been proven that people tend to go for wigs, toupee and other types of systems than transplantation methods. Surgery could lead to weeks spent in recovery and has many side effects which one may not have to face when going for non-surgical methods.
Even though, there are some things that may require your attention and patience, it is a viable solution on the whole. All you may have to do is fix that unit on your head on a daily basis or on a weekly basis. And, it requires some proper cleaning for long lasting durability.
Advantages of custom hair systems
Helps you avoid side effects – The biggest and most important advantage of going for custom fit hairpieces is that they help you avoid side effects caused by surgery. Surgical procedures require proper care for a couple of weeks and sometimes leads to itching, swelling among other issues. It may affect your day to day lifestyle.
Cost efficient – Without a doubt, hair units are exceptionally cost efficient when compared to other methods. You are paying only for the system that was custom built to suit your order which may never blow a hole in your wallet. Instead, you can alter the materials used to construct the hair unit based on your budget. It will ensure that you don’t spend a huge sum to make yourself look better. Such versatility cannot be availed when it comes to scalp reduction or hair transplantation treatments.
Fully customizable – Many brands and reputed sellers do promote readymade wigs, toupee among other types of systems that you could wear. But, the problem is that not all baldness are the same. They don’t occur in the same pattern or shape which is why when you can fully customize your unit, it will fit you perfectly. Besides, the type of hair and its color used in it will also be procured based on the samples you provide. It leads to a natural look that will surprise your peer group.
Easy to maintain – Unlike surgical methods which may lead to an issue on the long run, custom fit hairpieces are easy to maintain. All you have to do is attach it to your head on a daily basis using adhesives or tapes. At the end of the day, you can use an adhesive remover to loosen the solvent and remove the wig. You can even use shampoo on your hair, dip in the swimming pool and do other activities without difficulty.
Natural looking – Technology plays an important role in modern day hair pieces because unlike toupee and wig in the past which look so raw, these are constructed in factories using high quality materials. They resemble real life human hair and are planted on durable layers of polyurethane materials that fits on your scalp without any itching sensation. They look so natural that even if you use it patch up your baldness, people would hardly notice the difference.

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