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Hair system adhesive remover

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Hair system adhesive remover

Using a hair system adhesive remover is mandatory if you have to take off the toupee or artificial hair that you have glued to your scalp. When you do so, know that this could be really dangerous if proper precautionary methods are not taken. The person who does it, which is usually the one who is wearing the wig should be really patient because any haste in this process could cause high level of damage to the scalp. Sometimes, it could simply tear the layer which will obviously make them unusable the next time. The investment that you may have made to purchase the item will go waste if you do it in a hasty manner. Know all the don’ts when removing the artificial layer of a hair and if they are glued in, you have to use a proper adhesive remover.

The most commonly used type of hair system adhesive remover is in the form of a spray that you could start spraying onto the entire area surrounding the setup. If you are using it only in the center of your head to cover baldness, simply spray it throughout the corners. Always close your eyes when you spray it in your forehead because the chemicals in the remover could cause serious eye strain if it accidentally gets inside. Once you have properly spread it all over the glued area, wait for a couple of minutes so that the liquid could loosen the solvent and let the adhesive come off. You will usually feel it loosening up within a few minutes after which you have to start peeling it off.

Always make it a habit to start peeling your hair system from the back of your head. As thick hair systems are usually used in the rear portion, they are thicker and are designed to withstand strain. If you simply pull it off your head from the front, it could tear the layer in the middle completely destroying the product. Locate the beginning of the hair piece or your toupee by simply running your fingers on the back of your head. Once you find it, start peeling it off as you would do with a fruit skin.

Be extremely careful if you are using skin based hair system or the ones made using polyurethane material. They are extremely fragile and are highly elastic so as to make your hair look more natural. Trying to pull it off is wrong and you may have to spend more time than usual to peel these materials off. When choosing a hair system adhesive remover, pick the one that has been designed to work with the type of hair piece or toupee that you use. Using the wrong solvent could damage the hairs or the base layer. Always go for a remover that is less on chemical content as strong chemicals could damage your scalp, leading to unwanted health issues. Once you choose the right adhesive remover, your job is almost done. Exercise patience every time you remove your hair system for better durability of the product.

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  • Cindycut is a breath of thresh air. I have visited a lot of websites to learn all I can about hair loss solutions and hair systems but this site is the easiest to understand and does not push selling before information.
    11/28/2016 5:28:22 AM Reply
  • Not sure if I want to go with this hair system. Wouldn't a weave require less personal care and maintenance? I know they need to be adjusted as the natural hair grows but which is less effort in the long run?
    11/27/2016 3:32:44 PM Reply
  • Cindycut knows exactly what she is doing on this stuff! It can be so confusing and this really helped me to understand it.
    11/25/2016 2:21:57 PM Reply
  • I finally broke down and spent the money to get a good quality hair replacement system, specifically a glue on toupee. As with a lot of men with male pattern baldness, I have a decent amount of hair around the edges but I am completely bald on top. I could have gone for a transplant of a weave apparently, but a toupee was the less costly solution (although it still left me broke). Now that I have invested the money I am learning all I can about the property care and maintenance for my hairpiece. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge through this website, it has been a great help to me.
    11/25/2016 12:35:44 PM Reply
  • A very informative blog. I have been shaving my head for decades because I was going bald anyway. Now I want to go for a different look. I came here researching options and I have to say the information is very helpful. Not sure about gluing a hairpiece in place. I live in the tropics so I have to worry about heat, but I have just started my research.
    11/24/2016 1:05:44 PM Reply

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