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Hair Replacement Systems for Men Remedies to Replace Thinning Hair

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Hair Replacement Systems for Men Remedies to Replace Thinning Hair

It has been reported by the American Hair Loss Association that the over 95% of men suffering from hair loss is due to male pattern baldness. It has also been noticed that over 25% of men start losing hair before they are 21 years old while 60% of them notice hair loss by the time they hit 60 years. Men that suffer from hair loss are affected mentally as their self esteem is lowered, it affects their personal relationships and careers hence most men have opted for hair replacement systems for men so as to restore or replace their hair.
Causes of Hair Loss in Men
Hair loss in men can occur as a result of certain medical conditions or as side effects to certain medications but in many occasions it is caused by Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). This is a hereditary condition that causes the hair follicles to become very sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and when this sensitivity is developed the follicles start to miniaturize causing the lifespan of affected follicles to be shortened. Baldness is as a result of the affected follicles that have stopped producing hair. There are several drugs that have been developed and are the best remedy if used to treat hair loss at its early stages.
Remedies for Men to Replace Hair
Finasteride. Sold as Proscar and Propecia, this drug was initially used to treat prostate gland enlargement but it has been discovered that it can also cause hair growth. It works by stopping 5 alpha reductane which is an enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into DHT. It is administered orally and lowers the levels of DHT hence stopping hair loss.
Minoxidil. This was the first drug to be approved as a hair loss remedy and it is sold as Rogaine. Originally approved as a high blood pressure treatment, it was found to be a good hair regrowth aid and it is good for patients that Finasterine does not work for them.
Hair transplants. These are surgical procedures that utilize healthy follicles to treat areas where follicles have died hence bald. A section of the patient’s head mostly the back or the sides where there is sufficient hair growth is chosen as the donor and hair is removed from there, tiny slits are then made on the patient’s scalp then the hair is implanted. Depending on the size of baldness there are different procedures that can be employed however, this is only a good hair replacement system for men who have enough hair on the sides and back of their heads to donate from and also the area that is being replaced is not too large.
Replacement. You can get an easy and cost effective hair replacement systems for men by using hairpieces like wigs and toupees from Cindycut. There are types of hairpieces, custom made hair is considered the best. The length of time they will last depends on several factors; if the base materials used for the hair replacement is very thin, like lace or thinnest polyurethane, they are fragile and do not last as long as those made with mesh or other stronger materials. If the wearer sleeps and/or showers in their hair system they do not last as long. These hairpieces are made from human hair, synthetic hair or animal hair, such as the Yak. most expensive hairpieces are made with European hair and they can be dyed to match the user’s hair color.

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  • "Candycut... Very nice article. I also realized my hair fall came 35 years of age. But it was not too late. You following me again given new life to your hair. Thanks CandyCut Bundle of Thanks !
    11/24/2016 7:29:58 AM Reply
  • I think the more men that know this is an option, the more likely they are going to consider it for sure. Thank you so much for providing this service. My brother really needed to do something once he started to go bald and this was the answer!
    7/6/2015 11:22:11 PM Reply

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