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What Is Custom Made Human Hair System

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What Is Custom Made Human Hair System

What is a custom-made human hair replacement system?
When a person loses part of his/her hair, they want to cover up their baldness with wigs. Because there are not two people that have the same size of their heads or the same baldness patters, in order to obtain a hair piece that fits perfectly and looks almost as natural as real hair, most people choose to order custom-made hair pieces. Custom hairpieces are designed to fit perfectly.
The base of the hairpiece is designed to cover and fit the bald area perfectly leaving no visible trace. The hair used to create the hairpiece must match the color of the hair of the person who ordered it. That is why it is essential to provide your designer with a sample of your hair. The hair shape can be made to match your own hair using a permanent hair treatment or if you want to you can do on regular visits to your hairdresser to shape you hairpiece the way you desire.
What does it cost to get a good custom human hair replacement system done?
The cost of a good hair system is different in different companies but it revolves around $350. The hair replacement which costs this much is made with human hair and is a 100% custom made for you only.
Which is the superior attachment method?
The best attachment method depends on the clients’ needs and his way of life and expectations. You can even change the securing method if you ever feel the need because of some changed that you have made in your life.
The semi-permanent method is the best one if you want your hair replacement to stay in place for a longer time. With this method you can even swim, walk in the wind; you can wear your hairpiece when sleeping, showering or doing any kind of an activity. But it is important to remember that you have to have your hair piece removed and reattached every 2 to 4 weeks.
How long does it take for the custom hairpiece to be done?
From the moment you order the hairpiece that you will like to have, it takes 8-10 weeks for that hairpiece to be made and delivered to you.
Once it is delivered to me can I wear it immediately?
The hairpieces are not ready to wear once you receive them. They are all made in the same length, so you will have to take it to a hairdresser to style your hair piece the way you want it to look.
Types of hairpieces
There are three types of hair pieces: French lace front, scalloped front and bleached hair. They all have different areas that they cover. That is why it is best to read all about the types of hairpieces before you order one, to have in mind what kind of hairpiece do you need to best cover up the bald spots on your head, so that you will have a hairpiece that will look as natural hair.

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  • I was shocked that I could run, swim and even go boating with my hair replacement. I just never really thought that it would be possible. I have seen all the funny photos and videos of people that practically lose their hair, but not with this system!
    7/6/2015 11:32:53 PM Reply

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