Different Names for Wigs or Hairpieces

You may wear a hairpiece or wig and stay away from people advertising hair replacement systems because you think they are too expensive or require surgery. Then again, you may wear a hair replacement system and be wary of hair pieces, thinking they are not as natural looking or have different names. Well put your prejudice aside, because the terms hair pieces, wigs, hair replacement system, toupee, hair unit, etc. are just different names for the same thing.

Every one of these can be made with natural Human hair or Synthetic hair and with a mesh, lace or polyurethane base. Each can be attached by several different methods for daily or extended wear by using tape and clips to bonding adhesive and cable weaving. So don't let fancy words or old fashioned terms scare you off. The main concern should be if the system is truly a handmade CUSTOM hair piece specially tailored to your exact specifications or merely a pre-made stock wig off a shelf. Many companies sell these stock hairpieces because they cost less. This increases their already inflated profit margin and is why they don't ask your specific desires in the ordering process. They can't, your choices are limited if the wigs are already made.

So, if you know what your getting is truly custom, your only real concern should be a high quality product with superior customer service! Let a Licensed Hair Replacement Specialist guide you easily through the custom hair replacement ordering process. Give Cindycut a try, we have exactly what you're looking for. By doing just a little of the work yourself, you will save hundreds, if not thousands, and get exactly what you are looking for, at Cindycut International Inc.

By popular demand Cindycut carries one premade hair system-

Full Lace Wigs with stretchy middle to fit most people.

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