Best Hair System Price Standing Order 12 per yr

Best Hair System Price Standing Order 12 per yr
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Select the type of hair quality desired.
Select length of hair desired.
Tell us if your system base size is oversize or not based on dimensions.
Select how thick you want the hair density to be. 100% is considered an average head of hair.
Will the hair system require grey and how much?

Get HUGE discounts on Cindycut Standing Orders.

Using our Automated Delivery on multiple hair systems per year at a low monthly payment - No more stress from ordering hair too late... and we'll pay the shipping. 

Quantity Per Year  Price Per System  Total Per Year  Your Monthly Cost
 3/year $375.00  $1,125.
 6/year $285.00  $1,710.  $142.50
 12/year $175.00  $2,100.  $175.00

Prices above based on Custom hair system size not over 7"x9", with up to 6" hair length, 
regular Indian, Chinese hair, or Synthetic hair and shipping included (Int'l ship add $32. ea.) 
All upgrades half price on these packages
Calculate your price with upgrades and activate your personalized Standing Orders Discount.

Sign up for the 12 Custom Hair Systems per year Package

Then send order form, template and color sample right away, or if this is the first order with Cindycut, we send a free Ordering Packet to assist you with the order.

You understand the monthly payment amount shown will be Auto Debited each month from the Credit Card submitted and you will receive an identical custom made hair system every month in the mail, 12 units per year. Also we keep your template (or old system), color sample and order form with the manufacturer so I won't need to bother resending it with each hair system ordered. New Hair System shipping costs compliments of

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