Hair system cleaning

Posted by Cindy Lee on Apr 7th 2020

Hair system cleaning

By properly following a specific set of instructions, you can significantly boost the durability of the hair unit that you have purchased. There are a lot of steps and precautions to take when hair system cleaning. The first and the most important thing that you should know is that they are not your real hair. Natural things associated with the human body most likely have a lot of systems integrated into it. For example, your hair can easily replenish the oil content when you shampoo it but the same cannot be done your wig or system which is why you shouldn’t use too much of chemicals on it to increase its durability.

Removing your hair system

The first step to successful Hair System cleaning is to peel it off the base layer to which it is attached to. The base is not designed to withstand water and other solvents. You have to slowly peel it off the polyurethane material and place it a small plastic box. If you find it too difficult to remove it, leave the entire unit in a box filled with adhesive remover. Allow it to soak for some time before you try to peel it off again. When it is fully soaked, it should be quite easy to split the two parts.

Once you have successfully removed it from the layer, leave the hair in either a plastic or a stainless steel container. It should be big enough to keep any type of liquid solvent inside it. Based on the strength of your hair system and the adhesive you use on a daily basis, the soaking time will vary. The minimum time is 20 to 30 minutes which is more than enough for most units to get rid of the adhesive sticking on to it. In rare cases, based on the brand and its strength, you may have to soak it up to 24 hours. Read the manual thoroughly and consult your seller if you are planning to leave it in the container for such a long time. Sometimes, it may void warranty if you damaged it irreplaceably.

Steps to clean it

The hair system cleaning step is quite similar to how you clean your car seats or a couch. Use a brush with tough bristles to remove the residue left by the adhesive. When you do it, make sure to flip the hair portion to face the surface while only the layer is visible on top. The bristles could easily damage the fluffy hair. Don’t peel it off with sharp moments but gently remove it with multiple strokes. You can even use the back of a tea spoon to clean it. As adhesive residue will not be found in your hair, you just have to rinse it.

Use a dish washing liquid solvent to rinse the rear part of your hair system. Gently brush it with your fingers while introducing it into flowing tap water. It is good if the water is cold as warm water might spoil the unit. Now, it’s time to shampoo your hair and use a conditioner on top of it before you could wear it again.