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Cindycut Easy Order Form for Custom Hair Replacement Systems and Wigs

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Mailing Address:_____________________________________________

City: _____________________ State: _______ Zip Code: ________________ Country: ______

Reference (who this system is for):________________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________ E Mail Address: _________________________

System Type
[ ] This System will be for daily or extended wear (usually but not always) for a man.
[ ] Put a replaceable lace front on this System, or
[ ] Put a front scallop on this System, or
[ ] Put a smooth front hairline with underventing
[ ] This System will be an extended wear Integration for a woman.

Hair Type
Synthetic:_____% Human:_______% Remy______% European/Malasian/Peruvian/______%

[ ] Tape Template enclosed, or
[ ] Side to side:______________ inches. Front to back:______________ inches.
NOTE: If you want to use an extended wear method of attachment, (bonding, cable weaving) please measure 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch into your hairline on sides and back so the system will be large enough to attach to your hair.If you can send us an old system that fits, we will copy the size and send it back with your new hair system.

Part/Style: Check one-
[ ] Left part [ ] Center part [ ] Right part [ ] Multi-directional

Color- Please take large samples, see help page. Attach hair samples here with tape. Photos to help order your Color

Curl: Check one- See Photos of curl patterns
[ ] Straight (no body) -human or synthetic
[ ] Slight Wave (light body wave) 30 mm -human or synthetic
[ ] Standard (medium wave) 25 mm -human or synthetic
[ ] Tight Wave 20mm-human or synthetic
[ ] Loose Curl 15mm -human or synthetic
[ ] Tight Curl 10mm (human or synthetic)
[ ] Afro 2-6 mm -(synthetic only)

Universal Density:
[ ] Extra Light (60%) [ ] Light (80%) [ ] Light to Med. (90%)
[ ] Medium (100%) [ ] Medium to Heavy (120%) [ ] Heavy (150%)

Notes or Special Requests
Length of system- grey Percentage, etc. __________________________________________________________________________________
For Questions Call: 1-888-596-HAIR(4247) or email:
1.___________How many Systems on this order?
2. $598.00____System Base Price (add $150.00 if unit size is over 7"x9")
3.$__________Total of line 1 x line 2
4.$__________Longer length charges (see #10 on Help page)
5.$__________Shipping ($15.00 per system- other items may require additional postage)
6.$__________Sub-total-add lines 3 + 4 + 5
7.$___________ Tape tabs  ($4.00ea.) How many total __________
(Front) A. Brown Liner [_] B. Red Tack [_] C. White liner [_] D. Blue Liner ($6.) [  ]
(Rolls) E. Brown Liner [_] F. Red Tack [_] G. White Liner [_] H. Blue Liner ($6.) [  ]
8._____________'Cindycut Lacestik' Lace Tape (5 pkgs./$20.)-frontal & Straight -How many?_____
______________List additional items &prices here- Example:Bohyme Remy Hair or Russian European Hair
______________________________If you need additional space list on back of paper
$____________Total 6 + 7 + 8
$_-100.00_____Subtract if this is a system reorder within one year (do not combine with other specials)
$____________Total amount due
Type of Payment enclosed: Full payment is required at the time order is placed unless other arrangements have been made.
Please check one below:
[ ] Visa [ ] Mastercard [ ] Amex [ ] Discover [ ] Check [ ] Money Order
(If CC order) Print Name___________________________________________

Account #: ___________________________________________
Expire Date: _____________________ CVV #: _______________

Card Holder Signature __________________________________
Expect Delivery in aprox. 6-8 weeks. Thank you for your order
Remember to attach sample(s) of your hair, include Tape Template or old System, if any, along with the order form and payment,

Mail to:
Cindycut Inc. Ordering Dept.
2370 W HWY 89A
Ste 11-304
Sedona AZ, 86336

 If  you want help filling out the order form please don't hesitate to call us. 1-888-596-4247

Additional help with Base Materials or for a detailed description of #1-7 below....

#1  #2 #3
#4 #5 #6
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