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A Great Way to Start as a Client or a Wholesale Stylist Cindycut's FREE Education Packet for Custom Hair Replacement Systems and Wigs contains highly informative material. Including:

  • Men's and Women's full color brochures with before and after pictures
  • Directions for making a molded Base Template for size
  • Custom Ordering Instruction Guide
  • Product Price Lists & Purchase Order Form
  • Current Specials and Promotional Material
  • 4 part Factory Order Form
  • Sample Base Designs

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More Control

Most hair replacement wholesale distributors will not sell their product to the general public because they feel it is easier for them to only work with professional stylists. They believe that dealing with the client would be too much of a hassle, and too time consuming on their end. They think the only one qualified enough to make the right decisions for the clients hair is the stylist.

Is that true?

Cindycut gives the consumer more credit than that! We have found when giving the client control over the custom ordering process, they are more clear about what they desire, and more precise on the order form itself.

Yes, Cindycut helps clients by answering questions, guiding and advising them, but in the end our work is no more difficult than working with wholesale stylists whom which we also sell to. We recommend using a stylist for cutting hair systems.
Free Education & Ordering Packet
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