• Exclusive Electric Hair Weaving Machine
  • Why is this Machine an Innovation?
(ICON POSITIVE INFINITE VERITABLE TENSIONER) A must have for Stylists in the hair replacement business. This is the best innovation in the hair additions Industry since cornrow braids or old wooden spool weaving wall boxes. Used for creating a small track anywhere on the head to attach Hair Replacements, Extensions, Weaves & Hair Integrations. Hello Cindy, I'm writing you to thank you for taking the time to make the video segments to show stylist like me who are searching for better ways to deliver the best possible outcome for clients who wear weaves, hair pieces, hair extensions or any hair addition....I invested in your Cable Weaving Machine and taken the time to watch your video and practice your technique. I have now been using your Cable Weaving Machine to install all my Weaves for only about 3 months now. I use it at least twice a day an on a good day three times....I am getting the Flawless Flat Weaves iv always wanted my clients to have without the lumps an bumps that I would get from a braid ....an this is it my client's can't even feel the weave when I ask them to touch it.....I also am getting something I didn’t expect ..because I'm using Your Cable Weaving Machine I have been getting clients with hair loss who now have ask me to help with finding the right solutions for them an I'm now using your training video again to learn to place my first custom order and because of your training I'm able to help them.... I am slowly turning in to a wig salon my Goodness Cindy you have opened my eyes and the possibilities' are now endless thank you for sharing ...I'm going too take this torch you lit and keep it burning.... I'm on fire with Excitement!!!!! Sabrina
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Takes the place of cornrow braids for popular hair weaves, this innovative electric hair weaving machine helps you do your work in half the time while keeping the track extremely small & less detectable! For women who wear Hair Integrations, this hair weaving machine helps you weave a circle track on the top of the clients head, then a hairpiece is sewn onto these tiny tracks. For clients who don't want the traditional tape or glue method of attachment for hairpieces, both men and women can benefit from the amazing Electric Hair Weaving Machine. Because the track is smaller it is less detectable than cornrow braids or other hair weaving methods, and it's faster too, making our Electric hair weaving machine more desirable to the person wearing hair weaves or hair integrations. The only reason a person would not be able to use this Electric Hair Weaving Machine is if they have no hair of their own to create the weave track line with.



What's Included 

Buy $689.00
  • Weave Machine
  • One Needle
  • Weaving thread 3 spools black, brown, blonde
  • 2 lg. mono spools for machine
  • Training Dvd
  • Citrus 22 Solvent
  • Mity-tite touch up adhesive
  • Ultra Hold Soft Bond
  • Pair of 5-1/2" Professional Cindycut hair cutting shears
  • Weaver Maintenance
  • Weaver Operation

This electric hair weaving machine has been designed and manufactured to assure your personal safety. Improper use can result in potential electrical shock or fire hazards. Please read all safety and operating instructions carefully before installation and use. These instructions are put here for handy reference. Take special note, and adhere to all warnings and instructions on the following user's manual.

WATER AND MOISTURE - The unit should not be used near water. For example, near a washbowl, sink, tub, or in a wet environment.
VENTILATION -The unit should not be situated so that its location or position interferes with its proper ventilation. For example, it should not be situated with back or bottom of unit right up against a surface that may block ventilation openings.
HEAT - The unit should be situated away from heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, or other sources that produce heat. POWER SOURCES - The unit should connect to only the type described in these operating instructions or as marked on the unit.
GROUNDING AND POLARIZATION - Precaution should be taken to insure that grounding or polarization means of unit should not be defeated.
POWER CORD PROTECTION - Power supply cords should be routed so that they are not likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed upon or against them. CLEANING/CLEARING - Remove power by unplugging unit. Clear thread that may become wound in drives by removing spools then pulling on the free end. Do not use thinners or similar solvents on case. Vacuum off dust, wipe off stains with soft cloth moistened with mild soap and water. Let unit dry before reapplying power.
NON USE PERIODS - The power cord of the unit should be unplugged from outlet when unit is to be left unused for long period of time.
OBJECT AND LIQUID ENTRY - Care should be taken so that objects do not fall and liquids are not spilled into the enclosure through openings.
DAMAGE REQUIRING SERVICE - The unit should be serviced by qualified service personnel when: The power cord has been damaged. Objects or liquid have fallen or been spilled into the enclosure. Line or hair has become wound into internal drives. The unit has been dropped or damaged.

Installation & Operation
Place your new electric hair weaving machine on a level surface away from any source of excessive heat or direct sunlight.
Place tension button to off position. Plug in AC line cord. Extend and position top head of flex arm in to comfortable working position and tighten.
Press spools of line onto spindles on unit. Run line through lower hook guides then up to head of flex arm and lock into spring clip.
Pick up both lines and attach to the point on clients head where track is to begin.
Using on/off button located on top front of unit, turn unit on. Proceed with weaving technique.

We offer a Hair Replacement training video to demonstrate proper cable weaving procedure. Note: At any time if line comes free and spool is spinning be sure to turn power off using power button before trying to re-thread line.
Caution: To avoid painful hair yank from occurring, at any time the mono line is attached to clients own hair, care should be taken not to let any slack in line snap back out.

 RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN UNIT. To Reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove cover. No user serviceable parts inside. H/R Education: Instructional Video This 98 minute hair replacement training video is the perfect DVD Seminar for Hair Replacement and all the different attachments including hair weaves. It shows you how to make a template, and on 7 live models it demonstrates the Extended wear bonding attachment and the Cable Weave Track and Sew Attachment using 'My Hair Weaver' Electric hair weaving machine. Also shows cutting techniques using a razor and thinning shears. For use on all hair types. Your Price: $175.00 DVD

My Hair Weaver Machine includes everything listed below. Reorder these items individually as needed.

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