Master Hair Systems Specialist & Advanced Hair Replacement Instructor


Since 1998, Cindy Lee has amassed extensive expertise by closely collaborating with factories in China and Korea. With her vast knowledge and keen insight, she can confidently identify top-tier factories and distinguish them from subpar, unreliable operations. Cindy's assurance is, "I'm here to guide you in selecting the perfect hair system from the most reputable factory, eliminating any uncertainties and fears you may have during the process."

A little history;

Cindy Lee, a licensed cosmetologist and instructor since 1977, has established herself as a trailblazer in the niche field of custom hairpieces and wigs. She launched her first salon in 1983 but shifted her primary focus to the hair replacement industry in 1993. As an advanced hair replacement instructor, Cindy's passion for teaching led her to offer comprehensive training to stylists. In 1997, she expanded her services to include wholesaling custom hairpieces and wigs to stylists and salons through Cindycut.

Cindy's 98-minute hair replacement training seminar, available on video, offers in-depth guidance on all aspects of custom hairpieces and wigs, featuring seven live models. Topics covered include designing hairpieces to meet client needs, available attachment methods, cutting, and maintenance.

Collaborating with a highly reputable hair replacement factory overseas, Cindy is dedicated to delivering top-quality custom hairpieces, wigs, and education at competitive prices. Her warm, personalized service has made her a leader in hair replacement education, custom hairpieces, and wigs.

In 1999, Cindy Lee appeared on ABC's 20/20, a consumer awareness TV program exploring the high cost of hairpieces at many hair replacement salons. She emphasized that exorbitant prices are unnecessary for a decent profit margin in the industry. She also stressed the importance of working with reputable companies that prioritize quality, ethics, and customer needs.

Cindy Lee has also collaborated with KSL Television to create a news article about Cognitive Behavioral Reversal Therapy for trichotillomania sufferers. Using custom-designed hairpieces and her patented electric cable weave machine for attachment, she has successfully helped those seeking treatment for this disorder. In January 2004, she was interviewed by National Geographic for an MSNBC television production about selling body parts, specifically hair.

Now, Cindy Lee dedicates most of her time to offering one-on-one expert advice, guidance, education, and support to individuals and stylists seeking the best hair replacement solutions. Her unwavering commitment to meeting clients' hair loss needs truly sets her apart in the industry.




~Tribute to A Fine Hair Replacement Instructor~
In Loving Memory of Cindy's daughter Brittanya Stratford. You are so dearly missed...

9/7/1980 - 4/13/2009   Age 28