Advanced Hair Replacement Instructor


Since 1998, Cindy Lee's gained a lot of experience working closely with factories in China and Korea. Cindy has all the knowledge required to know, with certainty, which factories are good and which ones are low quality fly by night outfits. Cindy says "I am here to help you custom order the right hair system from the right factory, taking away all the scary guesswork for you.

A little history;

A Licensed Cosmetologist and Instructor since 1977, Cindy Lee is a leader in the specialty field of Custom Hairpieces and Wigs. She opened her first Salon in 1983, however in 1993 Cindy's love of the Hair Replacement industry became her primary focus of interest. Cindy Lee began offering instruction to Stylists. As well as teaching, in 1997 Cindycut began wholesaling custom hair pieces and wigs to Stylists and Salons. Cindy offers her 98 minute Hair Replacement training seminar on video, giving step by step guidance on 7 live models covering all aspects in this specialized field of custom hair pieces and wigs education. This includes designing hair pieces to meet the clients needs, all attachment methods available, cutting and maintaining the hair pieces and wigs. Cindy Lee is an advanced hair replacement instructor and loves helping everyone she can.

Cindy Lee uses a highly reputable hair replacement factory overseas. Her passion and dedication to providing the highest quality custom hairpieces, wigs and education at the lowest possible price, along with her warm personalized service, has made her a leader in Hair Replacement Education, Custom Hairpieces and Wigs.

Cindy Lee was interviewed by ABC's 20/20 in spring of 1999, a consumer awareness TV program doing an article on why hairpieces cost so much at most Hair Replacement Salons across the Country, Her reply was simply 'the sky high prices are not necessary in order to turn a decent profit in this Industry.' It is important to note however that all hair replacement manufacturers are not created equal. Many factories have little or no quality control standards and this issue can easily compromise the product. The most important consideration for the consumer should be to use a highly reputable company with solid quality and ethics, who care about serving others individual needs more than filling their own pocketbooks. With Cindy's expertise you won't be compromised.

Cindy Lee worked in cooperation with KSL Television in order to help create a news article about Cognitive Behavioral Reversal Therapy on Trichotillomania sufferers. Using custom designed hairpieces and her patented electric cable weave machine for attachment, Cindy Lee can assist in successfully treating those who desire help with this disorder. This article done by Ed Yeates -KSL News was aired on June 29th, 2003.
January 2004 Cindy Lee was interviewed by National Geographic for a Television production by MSNBC on body parts (hair) that people can sell.

Currently Cindy Lee spends the majority of her time on the phone giving her undivided attention, expert advice, guidance, education and support to individuals and stylists who want the most of what the Hair Replacement Industry can offer. You won't find a more dedicated person or company to meet your hair loss needs.




~Tribute to A Fine Hair Replacement Instructor~
In Loving Memory of Cindy's daughter Brittanya Stratford. You are so dearly missed...

9/7/1980 - 4/13/2009   Age 28