Hello Cindy, I'm writing you to thank you for taking the time to make the video segments to show stylist like me who are searching for better ways to deliver the best possible outcome for clients who wear weaves, hair pieces, hair extensions or any hair addition....I invested in your Cable Weaving Machine and taken the time to watch your video an practice your technique. I have now been using your Cable Weaving Machine to install all my Weaves for only about 3 months now. I use it at least twice a day an on a good day three times....I am getting the Flawless Flat Weaves iv always wanted my clients to have with out the lumps an bumps that I would get from a braid ....an this is it my client's can't even feel the weave when I ask them to touch it.....I also am getting something I didn’t expect ..because I'm using Your Cable Weaving Machine I have been getting clients with hair loss who now have ask me to help the with finding the right solutions for them an I'm now using your training video again to learn to place my first custom order and because of your training I'm able to help them.... I am slowly turning in to a wig salon my Goodness Cindy you have opened my eyes and the possibilities' are now endless thank you for sharing ...I'm going too take this torch you lit and keep it burning.... I'm on fire with Excitement!!!!! Sabrina

You are very impressive. Certainly I like what I see so far. I like that you have an understanding of the current economy. That's certainly a good attitude to have in this business and how hard it can be for folks. Wow also loving your set up ......seems very professional. You are my new bestie.Thanks, Burdette


Cindycut.com at first glance is very appealing to the eye with a pop of color. It is a website that is focused on hair sales. Very content rich with tons of hair options and very very great prices. With customer testimonials there is no doubt that this is definitely a company worth trying out. Quick easy navigation with a community blog and free information packet.

I highly recommend Cindycut.com for your hair needs. Shelley

I absolutely love love love my hairpiece! THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! I want this to be my standing order from this point on!!!Kellyann

up the good work and I plan to send you a picture of my hair J Wanda C

Hi Cindy, I received my hair piece last week Wednesday and would like to thank you for such a fantastic product. You really have delivered exactly what you promised and it was a pleasure dealing with you. I belong to a group with people who have the same condition as me, and I was the "experiment" who ordered from you, I will be sure to recommend you to everyone. Anyway, I am very happy with the piece and can see that it has been made very well, even the packaging was very professional. Thank you and kind regards, Candice South Africa

I Just wanted to let you know this last hair piece I got was just perfect! I love the color, wave/curl & feel of the hair. The fit is great too. I had co-worker ask me if my hair finally grew back and if it grew back curly or did I get a perm. Thank you,
C. Roberts


This is our first order with your Company. If everything works out satisfactory we intend to place many more. The service of your staff has been excellent so far. James-NC

Just keep on helping others help them self. Tinette,AZ

Hi Cindy, I have to tell you - got the new unit cut in yesterday. This may be the best unit I have ever had. Nice solid hair, Remy, but also the fit is perfect. No wrinkles, ripples or irregularities. Hard to tell where my scalp ends and it starts. Thanks, D

I wanted to take this moment to say thank you. Thank you for taking the
time, as you did so in a reassuring gentle way. I hung up feeling excited
about this prospect. I hung up feeling almost my self again.
By far, this is the most informative and user friendly web site I've seen pertaining to hair replacement. Excellent Job! Jolan C.


Hi Cindy,
I received my unit about 3 weeks ago, and it is wonderful. I really
appreciate your professionalism. I am going to take advantage of your spring special and order two more units next week. Steve Ricks -TX

I really like your web page. It is very easy to get around in and is set up very user friendly! Thanks, Pamela

I know I have said this before, but this time I am even more than satisfied with
my new hair system!!!!! The mesh base and the Remy hair are so real, it is like getting my real hair back. I shared your web site with Lillian, the lady
who cut my hair. She is impressed with the systems, and the prices. I hope
she contacts you for business.
I can't wait to order a second hair system just like the one I just received.
It is that good. Do I understand this correctly that if I order another one
within a year, I get a discount? This is just incredible. The Remy hair is
everything your web page says it is. You are a good person, and your pleasant
voice just confirms your motto..."Putting people before profit."

We just received our first hair replacement system from you and just want to
thank you-it's really the best we've had yet. I was really hesitant at first
to purchase it over the web from you, but we're so glad we did. My daughter
Kristen is very pleased with it. I would like to purchase another one exactly
the same in the next couple months so she has another. I will be calling you.
Cheryl Ritter and daughter Kristen

Hello Cindy, Your web page is outstanding. I just ordered four products from it. Not sure what the status of my hair units is, but you may be able to send everything at once. Your business is really taking off. Congratulations.

Hi Folks: The unit I purchased is amazing. I'm 34 years old and it feels and
looks like I have my natural hair back again. I am so pleased, I will recommend
you to everyone that needs this type of service. Your product line is
great as well. The samples that you provided with the unit are wonderful.
I will be ordering them soon. Thanks for making me one happy guy!
Mike S

Thank you so much. I received my confirmation letter yesterday. There is no doubt that you will continue to be very successful in your business. I am very impressed with your customer service, very impressed. I am glad to do business with you. Thank you, Mark

'I have just had my new hair system fitted and it looks fantastic!
The lace front is far better than I hoped it would be and the quality of the remy hair is superb,
even my stylist who has had many years of experience with hair systems was very impressed by the
look and feel of the unit. I was also impressed with the way the my whole order was packaged
and shipped with everything packed and presented very well. My sincere thanks goes to you for the honesty and professionalism your company portrays as well as supplying an absolutely first class product, I will have no hesitation in ordering my next unit from you shortly.
Thanks once again, R.T. Melbourne, Australia"

Hi. Your new and improved web site is beautiful. Typical of the high quality
I have come to expect with your business. I had the privilege to talk to one
of your assistants on the phone the other day. Absolutely lovely, and polite.
Thanks and I will definitely continue my business with Cindycut
I am in my 30's and I realize that I have spent enough
money on all of these past hairpieces to buy a second house.
It simply amazed me to see the prices ranging anywhere from
$1000.00 at the very least to $2500.00. This was
becoming more and more of an increasing problem to me, not that I didn't
have the money, but it was too much money in my mind. One day I was
browsing through 'hair replacement' on the internet and I came across
Cindycut, I really liked the client's pictures that she had posted, and all
of the information that she had provided. All of this was very important to
me, especially if I was going to even think of mail ordering a customized
hair piece....but most importantly what I realized was of all of the
internet sites, this one seemed like it was prepared by someone who not
only knew the business, but cared about providing a quality service. Now
there is more to this, the price.... $598.00 and if you reordered within a
year you received an additional $100.00 off of the next piece. To be honest
this scared me at first, especially since I was quoted such high prices
from other hair replacement industries. But after looking at everything
from the many base designs, to human or synthetic hair, along with a great
list of support products, I decided it was time to call Cindy. When I
called sure enough it was Cindy that answered the phone. I spoke with her
for one hour, and in that time frame she convinced me of her
professionalism and vast knowledge of hair replacement. She followed up
the phone conversation with a packet of information that convinced me that
this was the route to go. It was simple to make the pattern for the base of
the hairpiece, I actually did it myself, and created a better hairline then
I have ever had in a hair replacement unit. I sent an order to Cindy for
three units, and as a point of interest, I was quoted $2000.00 by the hair
stylist I was going to for 1 unit in synthetic hair, I could have gotten
four from Cindycut. The units arrived in exactly 5 weeks carefully packed,
information provided, everything done in such a way that you could only
describe it as pride from the owner of this business. The pieces were cut
in by a local salon in town, and I have to say that these are the best
units I have ever had. You are probably wondering why I am taking this time
to write such a letter, and the reason simply is that I believe once you
find an affordable provider of quality hair replacement, you will take the
necessary steps to keep up with your appearance and not have to worry about
the high prices associated with some of the other organizations that offer
their services for thousands of dollars more, and I think a lot of you can
relate to what I am saying, sometimes we wait too long to replace a unit
that is worn because of the high prices. At any rate I also would be glad
to speak to anyone personally about my experience with Cindycut, I gave
Cindy my permission to give out my Email address. Cindy is not paying me or
providing any services for this, I feel that this type of quality needs to
be passed on to other consumers so that they realize that there are
affordable alternatives like Cindycut, and for the money you get quite
a lot. Greg Z. from Pennsylvania

PS.. I didn't mention that Cindy convinced me to go with human hair,
something I haven't done for years, especially since it was always about
$500. more. At Cindycut the price is the same for human or synthetic, and
Cindy having nothing to gain in the form of money spent the time to provide
knowledge that proved very valuable to me and my appearance.. so if you are
thinking about it, at least give her a call.
Love your (hair care) products! Why am I just now finding you? Please send more: Chip
I had my hair cut in last night by a great stylist - I've always
admired her work, asked if she could cut my hair in private, then paid
her double her usual fee to thank her for accommodating me. We had a
ball planning my new look, and my hair looks great! She was really
impressed with the quality of the unit, and the hair you used.
After Thanksgiving, I should have some photos... all with a big smile!
KH (feel free to use my comments, but NOT with my
name...the reason for my great-looking hair should be a secret)

"Hi, I was just looking at your website, and I must congratulate you for the honest approach you've taken in describing hair replacement products. In the years I have been in the business, it has been my greatest frustration to have had to deal with all the hype associated with this business, and I commend you for taking the high road in providing the truth to the public as to the nature of the hair replacement business. I've been ridiculed and scoffed at by some of the so-called experts for my business practices of being honest with the customer, and it appears that I'm not the only one. Please accept my thanks for standing up to the big guys, and lots of luck with your web business. I hope your venture on the web brings you great success--you deserve it." Sincerely, Toni-Alternatives 2000

I received my system today. It looks and feels great. It has that natural movement a real head of hair has. Thank you for answering all my questions. You're probably the friendliest vendor I have encountered on the net. (Most are obnoxious). I hope business is good so I can keep bothering you
with questions and I hope to do business with you in the future. Sincerely, Ricardo

I have some information that I wanted to share with you so I am going to make this message specific. The past few months I spent some time on the internet looking for alternatives for hair replacement. I was not dissatisfied with the people I have been dealing with, but I wanted to know what else might be available and what other options I might have. My search led me to a wonderful lady in Utah who sells hair replacement systems, both human and synthetic. Her name is Cindy Lee, and her business name is Cindycut. Her prices are very reasonable. They were actually significantly less than what I have been paying here in Tallahassee. I was very pleased with the product when it arrived, and Cindy has been really great to work with even though it is long distance. I'd love for you to pass her name on to anyone who may ask for information. Lyn

"Hi, I am thrilled to find your site. I am a cosmetologist too. I have been looking for wiggery info for a very long time. My husband just ordered an overpriced system due to my ignorance in this area. The web site is great! I am certain we will do business together in the future! Thank you, thank you, thank you! R.C.

Just a short note to thank you on the 3 units I received. Great color matches. I have had the old unit and the new lace front unit cut in and they look great. Thanks. Bruce

"Cindycut is one of the best hair replacement sites for men and women I have seen so far on the Internet. It has lots of vital information that most sites don't bother to offer, pictures, options, and custom styles. YES, now you can order a hair replacement system on the Internet and it comes with an excellent guarantee. If you are looking for hair replacement check out Cindycut." Cynthia- WigBiz

My order came today. As usual, very nice quality, great job Cindy. I'll see you again. Charles U

Thanks for your expediency on all these matters both past & present.It's a pleasure to deal with someone like you !! Jay K.


After calling you and ordering my second unit I would like to tell you that in 28 years I have never been so pleased. The hairpiece is absolutely fantastic. The color was perfect. It is the best piece I have ever had. I would like to have another one made. I am so pleased that I have told a few friends and family members who also wear a hair piece to purchase them through you. Thank you again for making me a very satisfied customer and if you would like to use my comments to help promote your product please feel free. Here is to a continued customer/client relationship. Thank you again. Jenny NY

Hi Cindy, I was at a loss for words at the sight of the parcel on my table which, almost brought me to tears even before opening it. I was even more delighted, when I got see and hold the units. I want to in a very humble way thank you for all you have done to date. Sincerely, Ashan-Australia

I received my new system a couple of weeks ago and it is just beautiful! I am a former member of Hair Club. I can personally tell you there is a vast difference in your systems and theirs. Your hair does not tangle and matt when you shampoo as theirs. The cap is light and much more breathable and I don't hear that sound like paper when I scratch my scalp. The hair is soft and beautiful and real. Your products are great and comparable to their products but the prices are much, much better. I was told when I left Hair Club that I could come back when I found there was nothing better. I found your web site and the prices are so much better as are the systems. I am a Cindycut girl for life. Your staff is so pleasant, helpful and patient. Thanks for your help and this beautiful head of hair. Now, I just have to learn to manage it and I will have hit a home run. Sandra

I recently returned to the United States to find the hairpiece I ordered from you in June waiting for me. I live in Kenya for half the year and left on July 12, just before it arrived. I had to write to you to tell you how impressed I was with it. The workmanship is beautiful. The quality of the European hair is just what I was hoping it would be, and the color is perfect! I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future. Thanks again for the good work. Haan, NY

Cindy, My clients love their systems. You have helped me make some people very happy. Thanks again, Charlene

It is so good to actually see someone selling hair systems that has awareness of Trichotillomania... most are out for the money and could care less about our disorder. Thanks, Colleen -FL


Hi Cindy... The two units arrived today, and they are beautifully done... the curl is perfect. Thanks a million, and my business will always stay with you. You are #1 as far as every aspect of the business. Thanks, thanks... and more thanks. Greg, PA

Just to let you know that I have received the parcel today. It is my second order within one year and I am happy once again with the results. I wish to thank you for the excellent service provided, especially with the additional help. I am now a lifetime member and it is a good feeling! Elizabeth - Wein, Austria

Hi!.Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the new system I just
received. It seems perfect! I can't wait until I get it cut-in.
Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary!!! I hope you are around for
another 20 years, because I plan on being your customer for a very long time (whether I still need to wear the hair systems or not!) Thank you for providing such great service and being so patient with my requests! Debra MI

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