Lifetime Hair System Membership

Lifetime Hair System Membership
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What length do you want the hair to be?
Is the base cap size under or over 63 sq. in.
How thick do you want the hair to be in systems?
Choose the type of hair desired. Remy hair included with this offer.
What type of gray do you want on systems?

Reserve your Lifetime Hair System Membership with one time payment.

Includes 5 Remy custom human hair systems that you may order at any time, 
then all future hair systems are half price to you always...

 (Reg. price w/Remy hair is $698.00 each - That's $1690. savings on 5 systems)

5 Custom Hair Systems Include;

Remy Human Hair, up to 6" hair length, up to 7"x9" base size (63 sq.inches)

See more options available at extra cost.

Reserve online now,  save shipping charges for all 5 hair systems- ($75. extra savings)

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