Hair Replacement System for Covering Hair Loss

Posted by Cindy Lee on Mar 2nd 2022

Hair Replacement System for Covering Hair Loss


Loss of hair is a very frustrating condition since it not only affects your physical image but also affects you mentally. This is a very common condition experienced by both men and women; sadly there are even young men and women experiencing premature hair loss. It has been discovered that over 65% of men start experiencing hair loss by the time they hit 60 years while 30% of women when they hit 50 years. There are several reasons that cause hair loss; it has been scientifically proven early hair loss can be caused through use of some prescribed drugs or result of pregnancy, mental stress or trauma while seniors lose hair as a result of aging, menopause and critical illness. Individuals that lose hair now have the option of a custom hair replacement system thanks to advancement in technology.


A hair replacement system when custom made fits the person's head like a glove, conforming to the recession and contour of the wearer. When ordered correctly the color matches perfectly to the wearers own hair.


A hair replacement system works similar to a person's own hair as it covers and adorns the head. Most people look best with hair on their head. Heat escapes from the top of our head therefore a hair replacement system keeps the wearer warmer in the winter just like their own hair would. It also protects the head from sun helping to alleviate skin cancer.

Other options

There is a wide variety of hair replacement options available on the market for one to choose from however most of them have not been tested and approved clinically. Some of the hair loss solutions on the market may try to imitate the effects of clinically proven drugs by trying to inhibit DHT which is a hair loss hormone. This hormone leads to hair loss as it kills hair follicles that come into contact with them inhibiting them from producing hair.

Hair transplant is not the only surgical hair replacement system, there are other surgical treatments that can be used to treat baldness. Plastic surgeons can reduce the size of your scalp or roll over your skins flap so as to increase the coverage of hair. These are somewhat effective methods; however one is at a great risk of attracting infections due to the surgery.

Sometimes hair loss can result from malnutrition, to prevent or treat, it is recommended that you take supplements or a diet rich in Vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids that aid in growth.