Hair System Adhesive Remover

Posted by Cindy Lee on Apr 7th 2020

Hair System Adhesive Remover

Removal From hair system:

  • The most commonly used type of hair system adhesive remover is C-22 solvent . Spray the c22 onto the urethane poly skin base material that has adhesive residue on it. 

Removal from skin:

  • If you are using it only in the center of your head to cover baldness, simply spray it on. . Once you have properly spread it all over the glued area, wait for a couple of minutes so that the liquid could loosen the solvent and let the adhesive come off. You will usually feel it loosening up within a few minutes after which you have to start peeling it off.
  • Always make it a habit to start peeling your hair system from the back of your head. As thick hair systems are usually used in the rear portion, they are thicker and are designed to withstand strain. If you simply pull it off your head from the front, it could tear the material in the middle completely destroying the product. Locate the beginning of the hair piece or toupee by simply running your fingers on the back of your head. Once you find it, start peeling it off as you would do with a fruit skin.


  • Be extremely careful if you are using skin based hair system or the ones made using polyurethane material. They are extremely fragile and are highly elastic so as to make your hair look more natural. Spend more time than usual to peel these materials off. When choosing a hair system adhesive remover, pick the one that has been designed to work with this type of hair piece or toupee that you use. Using the wrong solvent could damage the hairs or the base layer. Always go for a remover that is less on chemical content as strong chemicals could damage your scalp, leading to unwanted health issues. Once you choose the right adhesive remover, your job is almost done. Exercise patience every time you remove your hair system for better durability of the product.