How to Detangle a Matted Human Hair Wig/Hair System the Right Way

Posted by Cindy Lee on May 11th 2022

How to Detangle a Matted Human Hair Wig/Hair System the Right Way

How to Detangle a Matted Human Hair

Wig/Hair System the Right Way

As some of us have more or less noticed, the hair in a hair system, especially curly human hair wigs, can get tangled over time without proper care. Not only does this lead to an unnatural messy look that can give the secret away, but it can also gradually jeopardize the hair system itself by causing excessive hair shedding, thus cutting back on its lifespan.

So is there anything we could do to detangle the hair whenever hair tangling happens to our hair wigs?

At Cindycut, we are glad to share the answers with you. Read on to find out the exact steps that are meant to help you take better care of your hair systems by giving you a clear idea of how you should untangle the hair the right way!

Step 1. Pick the matted hair from the base using a comb, then brush the hair starting from the ends, then the middle part, and move up to the roots.

Step 2. Apply creamy conditioner evenly throughout the dry hair system and leave on for about 10 minutes. Avoid putting conditioner on the base material as much as possible to minimize knots in base from loosening.

Step 3. Prepare a basin of warm water (30-40℃), pour and dissolve some conditioner in the water and lather evenly by hand, then soak the hairpiece into the water with the net side up for 5-6 minutes.

Step 4. Lift the bottom part of the net and stroke the ends of the hair (Do not move the roots of the hair), then thoroughly rinse the hairpiece.

Step 5. Apply the creamy conditioner again and gently finger comb the hair the same way. Soak it in water for another 10 minutes with the net side up, then rinse off the conditioner while finger combing the hair (no need to shampoo it).

Step 6. Wrap up the hair with an absorbent towel to absorb the moisture and comb, not brush, the hair until there are no hair tangles

Step 7. Apply some elastin hair cream evenly to the hair using your hand by grabbing the ends of the hair and working up, then let it dry naturally.

Finally, comb, spray, and style the hair to achieve the right look!

The above details the steps needed to detangle a matted human hair wig or hair system correctly. When carried out the right way, you can easily bring a tangled hairpiece back to life. Hair tangling will not get in the way of achieving a stunning look wearing your hair systems!

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