Mens hair replacement System procedures

Posted by Cindy Lee on Apr 21st 2021

Mens hair replacement System procedures

There are many reasons associated with hair loss in men and some associate it to a combination of factors like aging, genes, vitamin deficiency and nutrients in the hair. A lot of the people that suffer from hair loss can regenerate naturally but in some instances it does not, therefore leading to extreme hair loss. It was reported by the family physicians of America that in the U.S. out of every three men two of them suffer from hair loss. Fortunately, men suffering extreme hair loss have wide variety of treatment to choose from due to the technological advancements in the field of mens hair replacement systems.

Surgical Procedures

One method employed in men's hair replacement system is surgery, this is a procedure that has been practiced for decades and there are a lot of advancements that have been made so as to improve it. Now surgery is less complicated, less painful plus does not go that deep as it used to be before. Despite all the grounds that have been achieved in this field, hair transplant surgery has been discovered to still have some side effects like bleeding, hair growing in patches after the surgery, infection and in worse cases one has to undergo another surgery in case the initial graft doesn’t go well. For hair transplant surgery to be effective (permanently restore your hair) then it must be performed during its early stages or when initial signs of hair loss begin to show. Unless you are losing hair due to medical reasons the first symptom of hair loss is thinning around the head’s crown area.

Latest Surgical Procedure

In 2009, there was a major leap made in hair transplant surgery as a new hair transplant surgery procedure was introduced. This procedure utilizes the existing hair on the patients head so as to treat the baldness, in this procedure hair grafts are taken from donor areas mostly the back and the sides of the head with lot of hair then placed on the bald areas. The grafts may be of varying strands of 2 to 10 or even up to 15 strands, with hairs of varying width and size but there must be a match of the strands so as to achieve growth of hair that is even. For all the grafts to be selected properly plus be ready to be applied so as to fill the entire head it may take up to two years, however the benefits of this surgical procedure as a mens hair replacement system is that it does not fall plus its texture doesn’t deteriorate. This means that if you undergo this procedure successfully then your hair will stay forever.

Tissue Expansion

This is considered to be a very intuitive mens hair replacement systems method. In this procedure a tissue expend-er is surgically placed below the head’s donor area (area bearing hair) next to the bald area. It will be placed underneath there for few weeks and it will stretch underneath then area bearing hair to the bald area. This will aid hair growth since the skull will have new tissues that encourage hair growth. New skin will be placed on top of the bald area to complete the surgery.