Small Handmade Gender-Neutral Hairpiece: 90% Synthetic Grey & 10% Dark Brown Blend

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Step into a world of realistic and luxurious hair with Cindycut's exclusive Small Handmade Gender-Neutral Hairpiece. Designed with an eye for detail, this unique piece features a sophisticated blend of 90% synthetic grey and 10% dark brown hair. The interior is constructed with fine mono, offering both comfort and durability, while the perimeter edge boasts a 3/4-inch clear poly with a front scallop for unparalleled realism. Ideal for thinning hair just on top with dimensions 7-1/2” front to back and 4” side to side, and customizable hair length between 4-6 inches. Always cut the hair on your head to blend with existing hair. Originally priced at $598, this unique piece is now available at a clearance price. Limited stock—only one available!