Pre-made Stock Thin Skin V-Loop

Thin Skin V-Loop
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Cindycut thin skin stock V-Loop hair System.

Ultra thin skin basewith V-looped hair
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High-end hair system for men, Non-Surgical Hair Replacement. We use real human hair and all made of high-quality real hair. This is elite product perfectly solves the troubles caused by men's hair loss.
Made from sturdy 0.08mm Super thin skin to minimize hair loss. All hair has V-loop knots to keep your hairline infinitely close to real hair.
Using 8" x 10" can meet almost all customer needs for toupee size. The hair length is 5-6 inches (measured after straightening the hair) You can achieve your favourite hairstyle without worrying about the length of the hair.
The density mimics that of real hair. Our hair density naturally varies from place to place and our wigs are made according to this natural distribution of real hair density.